holiday team

As part of my Bachelor project I organized a fashion workshop with a group of seven mentally disabeled people of the LEBENSHILFE.
After an introduction to the world of fashion, the artists created paintings on canvas and produced paper-fabric collages on the theme  WIR FAHREN ANS MEER - HOLIDAY TEAM.
These works were an important source of inspiration for the development of the collection HOLIDAY TEAM.

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Photos: Bronson Hankins

holiday team

holiday team

holiday team

holiday team

holiday team

holiday team

holiday team

two hours of solid fun

A travelling circus during it's winter season.
This collection captures the circus protagonists/ showmen after they have disappeared behind the curtain and left the stage´s bright lights. characters: lilliputian, acrobat, tightrope dancer, best boy, weight lifter and ring master.

mix of materials, marker for fabrics. Silkscreen.
Photos: Marcel Köhler

I’d like to be under the sea

This collection is about a subtle underwater trip from the deep sea bed to the translucent surface, capturing the sea´s life in it´s varied forms.

Illustration: Panthera Krause
Photos: Marcel Koehler

Fahnen- appell

FAHNENAPPELL - inspired of massgames in northkorea.
Massgames are the largest chereography in the world by participating more than 60 000 people.
The mass of people is a tool to create propaganda pictures.
Colors and motives refer to the visual aesthetic of socialistic countries like north korea.
The individuals creat a community.

knitted manually at the weaving machine
graphic: Tilman Sebastian Grundig
photos: Anne Kathrin Schuhmann


The search for the Eldorado is the search for the ideal. The theme is the aimfull search, which means movement, rush, dynamic to achieve the ideal as fast as possible. The people are running! The motion is shown through the pattern, the fake pleats and printings.
The printings visualise pleats, that occur while a person is moving.

silk, cotton and polyester. print: silk screen
photos: Therese Henriette Heller/Ute Mahler

children church kitchen

The evolution of women.
The different experiences of a woman are shown through patterns and abstract stains.
The stains are selfmade with silk screen colours, digitalized, printed on spezial paper and ironed on the pieces.

Polyester. print: transfer paper.
photos: Marcel Köhler

St. Peters- burg

Inspired of Aurora militaryship, dresses of the baroque period, Matroschka and the russian gun „Katjuscha“.
Air gun with bullets out of Mickey Mouse heads.

wood, fabric, styropor
Photos: Marcel Köhler